Department Representative Council

Notes to the joint Executive Board and Department Representatives of September 6 and 7, 2011Coffin began the meeting by giving an update on bargaining:

  1. The CBA is for four years with compensation and agreed upon sections open every 2 years.
  2. He spoke of section 2.500, the CBA is the entire agreement between theUFAand the Administration and section  3.100, theUFAis  the exclusive bargaining agent.
  3. There was a 10% tuition increase with the understanding that funding Faculty/Staff salaries would take priority.
  4. The two teams met first on 12/09/2010.  At the 12/23/10 meeting theUFApassed across a compensation package.  The teams have been meeting about every two weeks with the exception of August. 
  5. Some non-compensation sections have been agreed upon.  remaining open sections are :
    1. 4.010:  theUFAis asking for due process and presumption of innocence.
    2. 7.100:  TheUFAwants to strengthen the Faculty Senate control over such things as course numbering, department housing courses, and dual enrollment.
    3. 8.200:  TheUFAis not being represented on the strategic planning committee.
    4. 21.00:  the student complaint procedure is being rewritten with the agreement of both sides.
  6. 13.000 Compensation:  the administration is offering 1% and 2% with $500.00 to go into the base both years.
  7. Because the increase doesn’t start until November 1 and because salaries are computed on a daily basis the increases are actually .8% and 1.6%.  TheUFAis asking for a start date of August 1.
  8. Currently theUFAis asking for 1 and $500 and 3 and $500 starting August 1.
  9. TheUFAis also asking for an inversion compression pool and a TIAA-CREF supplemental fund.

Faculty must decide what the next step should be.  This might include:

  1. Accept the offer.
  2. Continue bargaining using the same process.
  3. Start an action agenda which would include picketing, letters, and work stoppage.

Coffin also discussed the fact that neither the Regents and the Commissioner’s Office, nor the Administration have any solution to the long term problem of higher education funding.  With this contract, the faculty will have had less than cost of living increases for 11 out of the last 13 years.  There must be a plan to change this trend.  He would like to see a Memo of Understanding spelling out an agreement between the Administration and the Faculty with plans to change the long term financial outlook.


After discussion which included the compression and inversion problem, TIAA supplemental  retirement, and long term planning Coffin asked the Representatives to canvas their departments and let theUFAknow which action their faculty want to take.  He also announced that there would be an e-mail poll asking for faculty response in the next week.





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